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Once you have initially contacted us using one of the available methods we will arrange an appropriate day and time where one of our team will come to your property to measure up and introduce Creative Driveways and the service we offer.

From here we will post a free written quote outining the price and whats included in the price. If you wish to go ahead with the installation all you need to do is contact us and accept the quote.

Once you have accepted the quote from Creative Driveways the next step is to arrange a visit to discuss in detail your requirements in terms of design, colour and pattern. Each installation is unique so it is important that these points are dealt with thoroughly, and with our experience we may be able to give you some ideas and advice.

The process of pattern imprinted concrete is weather dependent. We will endeavour to inform you of an approximate start date and contact you a week before to confirm the date, requirements and process. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control even this scheduled start day is subject to change due to weather, or interpretation of a weather forecast by ourselves.
All projects have to be properly prepared before any concrete can be poured. Preparation usually takes between 1-2 days, however this may alter on larger projects, or projects that require more groundwork to be undertaken, i.e. removal of trees, shrubs or bushes and drainage work.
This process is started with the excavation of the existing surface. Machinery will be used where required.
Once the site has been excavated, any manholes, gullies and drainage will be installed.
Hardcore will be spread across the area before being compacted to form a level solid base on which to pour the concrete. Shuttering will be installed around the perimeter of the job to form the framework to pour the concrete in.
Once the weather permits, the concrete will be poured which will arrive in a ready mix concrete lorry. This is when all the action takes place! The concrete is unloaded as quickly as possible using wheel barrows and machinery where possible, and placed evenly around the area to be printed. The concrete is raked to the levels and flattened using various spreading tools. After floating, the concrete is then coloured with the customers chosen colour(s) and a release agent is applied. The concrete is then imprinted with the chosen pattern. On completion of this part of the process the area will be closed off using hazard warning tape until the concrete is dry.
When the concrete is dry (24-48hrs after being installed) the area is cleaned and washed off using a blower and pressure washer. Expansion joints are then cut into the surface of the imprinted concrete using a stihl saw. Depending on the pattern chosen the cuts are not normally noticeable, but are necessary in all driveways to reduce the possibility of cracking.
The cuts are filled with coloured silicone, the shuttering is removed and manhole covers freed ready to be sealed. The area has to be completely dry before the sealant can be applied.
The sealant is applied to the dry surface of the imprinted concrete adding the final touch to your new driveway. The sealant comes in a matt or sheen finish and anti slip agent can be included on the customer’s request. It does not only protect the surface of the concrete but will bring the driveway to life, enhancing its colour(s). It is advisable not to drive on the area sealed for at least 36-48 hours after being sealed. Please note – Weather conditions do have a strong bearing on the whole installation. Usually a driveway will take from 6-10 days to complete depending on the size of the project and weather conditions.

Pattern Imprinted Process Example 1 Pattern Imprinted Process Example 2 Block Paving Process

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