Pattern Imprinted Concrete Preston

Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete finish achieved by removing the top layer of the cement paste to uncover the aggregate material beneath. With the many types and sizes of decorative aggregate and colourings for concrete available, you can now achieve unlimited colour and texture variations.

During the process we spread the chosen decorative aggregate onto the concrete slab surface immediately after the concrete has been laid and floated.

This involves sprinkling the aggregate uniformly onto the surface and then embedding it with a float until it is completely covered by a thin layer of cement paste.

Retarder liquid is then sprayed on to the surface and the concrete if left to firm up before we remove the paste of the concrete and expose the aggregate underneath.

Exposed aggregate is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with plain concrete, imprinted concrete and other decorative surfaces.


With minimal maintenance, exposed aggregate is a more durable and hard wearing alternative to some resin bonded or bound systems as is ideal for use on driveways, paths and patios with the following benefits:-

 Low Maintenance
High Wear Resistance
 It has the strength of ordinary concrete

Varied decorative alternatives possible
 Anti-slip properties

 Resists weed grow compared to other paving types
 Designed to suit a specific locality by using local aggregates
 Special aggregates can be “seeded” onto the surface
 By carefully selecting the aggregate and choosing a coloured concrete many different effects can be achieved
 Using different borders and shapes can create many visual effects

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